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Celebrate Mother's Day
in a Meaningful Way!

Show your love and appreciation for the special mom(s) in your life with our exclusive Mother's Day Mood Box. This thoughtfully designed set includes a beautiful collection of statement pieces that are sure to inspire and encourage you to embrace being "somebody's mama!"

Why Choose our Gift Set?


Unique & Meaningful for Mamas

Gifting this box to somebody's mama is a way to share something with them that they've never had before. Each item in our gift set is uniquely crafted from two black, woman-owned businesses who are mothers as well.


Quality Materials

Each item included in this limited edition gift set is made with quality in mind to ensure comfort, durability, and style!


Perfect for all Moms

Whether it is your own mom, a mother figure, or a friend who is a mom - this gift set is sure to set them apart as someone who matters! Maybe the mama is YOU! Eithe way, this gift set has somebody's mama in mind.


Limited Time Offer!

Make this Mother's Day unforgettable with the purchase of this mama-inspired gift set. Order now and enjoy a special promotional price while boxes last! Use code MAMA24 at checkout.

Surprise a Mom this Mother's Day...

Make this holiday truly special!


- Use code MAMA24 -

Get $25 Off

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